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Handwriting Analysis & Profiler

Handwriting Analysis, also known as 'graphology' is the study of all graphic movements, not only in the handwriting itself but can also be analyzed by writer's doodles, drawings, etc., in order to gain insight into the physical, mental and emotional states of the writer or artist.


As a Handwriting Analyst, I specialize in handwriting, in the following fields:

Client's handwriting samples in Hypnotherapy sessions. 

Handwriting samples for HR (Human Resources) Departments.  (Hiring, Supervision, Promotions, etc.) 

Handwriting samples for Law Enforcement.

Handwriting samples for Attorneys/ Law offices.

Handwriting for Personal Usage. (ie. hiring a household employee, cheating, lying)

*As an Advanced Handwriting Analyst, I specialize in handwriting as cursive (the way a student was taught to write in school)  and/or printing.  I also analyze typing, texting, drawing and even body language communication.  


Handwriting and Communication is more relevant and more important now than ever before.

Handwriting is so objective and so accurate that law enforcement, lawyers, educational leaders, mental health professionals, Human Resource executives and more, all depend on Handwriting Analysis for a true read of the individual(s) being analyzed. 


Handwriting is what you consciously think, yet it is motivated by a subconscious ideomotor response reflecting your behavior and personality traits.


Your handwriting grows, matures, and changes as your personality does.  It will reflect the mood and the emotional state at the time it is written. It is customized and based on the client's subconscious and/or habits.


Once we learn to write, when we take a pen or pencil in hand, much of what we are doing, we do automatically.  The aspects of writing, like speaking, we do it unconsciously. We do it without thinking about it.


An example of conscious wrting would be, if you stop and think, "I want to write this in a fancy or different manner."  or  you practice writing your signature with a different style.   So, your handwriting can be both conscious and unconscious, and both can be analyzed.  


Analyzing the conscious tells us about your conscious self state; analyzing the unconscious handwriting tells us about your unconscious self state.


Fixed vs. Unfixed Traits


We all have qualities that are Fixed Traits.  We are born with a given intelligence level (fixed IQ) which can be enhanced or diminished by the environment we are around. We can also be born with innate aptitudes and an innate temperament.    In addition, our identity is fixed, which is why we can recognize our own handwriting, from any other.


We all have Unfixed Traits.  Our health or physical state of being can be changed. You can be sick on Tuesday and healthy on Wednesday.   The way we think, feel and behave are also temporary states.  We may be in a good mood or a bad mood.  We can be angry one day and happy and mellow the next.


Handwriting is a "Brain Print"

When we produce any graphic movement, such as handwriting, or even when we are doodling (drawing) little pictures, we are actually 'brainwriting" and leaving our 'brain prints" behind on paper.  Our brain prints reveal who we are and how we think, feel and behave.  And like our fingerprints, they remain uniquely our own forever.  No two people have the same brain prints.


For handwriting analysis and/or profiling, you may contact Darlene McDowell:


Email:  or

Text: 615-414-7939 (for a quicker response)

 If I am out of the office or in a session, you may leave a detailed message and I will get back with you as soon as I can.  For a quicker response, I answer texts and emails between sessions.


For information on rates and how to send a sample for handwriting analysis. 

Click  Here > "Handwriting Analysis Rates" 


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