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Handwriting Analysis/Profile Rates

How to send a Handwriting sample for analysis.

If you are interested in a Handwriting Analysis and would like your handwriting analyzed or if you are wanting to get analysis for another person's handwriting or profile, follow the below instructions. 

How to produce a handwriting sample for Personal Analysis


For the most accurate analysis of handwriting, a sample with the following characteristics will be the most revealing :


  • Sample of handwriting must be written on plain paper, no lines on the paper. (use copy paper, standard size)

  • The resting surface of the paper must be smooth. 

  • Needs to be written in pen.  (black or blue)  Do NOT use a felt-tip pen.

  • Sample of handwriting  should be 15 to 20 lines long.

  • Sample of handwriting should be written in cursive handwriting, if at all possible (the way you were taught in school)  I can also analyze printing, if you would prefer to print. 

  • You may also send me a page of little doodles or drawings to be analyzed in your profile.  You can make as many or as few on the page, as you like. 

  • Then sign, at the bottom of the sample, using your usual written signature of your name. (how you would sign your name on a  letter or document, etc.)


The above requirements are not absolutely necessary, but it will help to determine as many characteristics about the person that is writing the sample as possible, if the above instructions are followed.


For Personal Handwriting Analysis, the written content of the handwriting sample is irrelevant, I am not analyzing what you are saying, so a few lines copied from a newspaper or book, or perhaps a favorite poem or song, will be adequate.


The important thing is that the sample is written as normally as possible. The person writing should be calm and relaxed, and the paper must be on a smooth surface. 

NOTE:   The paper needs to be blank with no ruled lines.  (like copy paper,  not ruled paper)


Mail the original sample of the handwriting to me at:  (preferably, to get a better analysis)

Darlene McDowell  C.HT

7003 Chadwick Dr.  Suite 222  

Brentwood, TN  37027  


You may email (make sure you scan or photograph the writing as clear as possible) the handwriting sample to:


Rates for Personal Handwriting Analysis :  $50.00 per handwriting sample.

For payment for the personal analysis:

Once you send the handwriting sample: (via mail or email)

I will confirm with you that I received it.   

You may pay with the secured Buy Now via PayPal or any major credit card.


Once the payment is received, I will prepare your  handwriting analysis/profile and you will receive the professional analysis back within 5 - 7 days.


I will email the professional analysis to you, so make sure you give me your correct/personal email address. 

Any questions or concerns:  Please email me. 


*All handwriting samples and analysis are kept highly confidential. 

*Your sample will be shredded after the analysis is completed.

*I do not keep handwriting analysis sample copies.


Darlene McDowell, Certified Handwriting Analyst & Professional Profiler

Any questions or for a quick response TEXT 615-414-7939.


 7003 Chadwick Dr. Suite 222 Brentwood, TN  37027


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