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Actors & Hypnosis 

Can Hypnosis give Actors the Winning Edge?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change and it can be used to help with a wide variety of situations and problems.


Hypnosis can help with altering habits, improving motivation, memory, sleep improvement, get rid of fears and phobias and a lot of other issues and concerns as well. Still, even though hypnosis is a powerful tool many people and professionals still don’t take full advantage of its potential.


Most people tend to think Hypnosis is just for people who want to quit smoking, lose some weight or stress management. And while hypnosis is great for all those benefits, it can also be used in a greater content. Different professions and groups can also benefit from Hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a secret that 'many' famous actors, singers, writers, composers and athletes use to make them the best in their fields.


Using the Hypnosis techniques, you can master relaxation at will,  which is a very valuable asset and life skill as an actor, eliminating the anxiety and stress caused by waiting for an audition or during a stage performance, public speaking or a movie/film performance.


Hypnosis can be a very powerful tool for Actors and anyone in the entertainment field or industry.


Athletes have actually been using hypnosis for a long time now. Coaches have used hypnosis to help their athletes increase performance, motivation, focus and other factors as well.


Can an Actor be hypnotized?


Technically speaking, Actors are some of the best candidates for Hypnosis due to what their profession entails. Actors are usually very, very creative people. Actors must be able to read a script for a role and using nothing but the words on the page and their own imaginations to transform themselves into someone else. They must become the role or at least do their best to become the role.

In essence, an actor is role playing a specific situation. A good example of this would be Actors such as  Matthew McConaughey, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Russell Crowe, Sandra Bullock, just to name a few....  who tend to focus so much on their role or the character they are playing and literally become that character. They tend to take on their accents, inflections and other traits in the hopes of becoming that character for the audience.

Most of the actors named above would be considered Method Actors because they actually do everything in their power to become their role so they can deliver an amazing performance. Now here is something you may not know, but when an actor gets into this “zone” and becomes the character, that is actually a form of Hypnosis. Technically any actor who plays a role is in a sense going into Hypnosis. Most actors don’t know this because they don’t know what Hypnosis is, how it’s brought on or how to use it to their advantage.


How Hypnosis can Benefit Actors


1.   Hypnosis can help an Actor develop self-confidence, stage presence, memorize a dialogue or script, integrate a characters accent or inflections so it sounds and feels natural. Imagine never having any fear of going in for an audition, walk and talk with confidence and command the stage or room. Learn to remember your lines to the point where they don’t sound like lines you remembered, but they sound like natural dialogue and part of your speech.  Since Hypnosis is a natural medium for enhanced learning and focus, imagine being able to integrate a character's accent in less time. All of these can be done while in hypnosis.


2.   You can learn self-hypnosis techniques to anchor or trigger these “zone” moments so you can always be in that moment. Maybe your day isn’t going as well, but you need to get into that zone the moment the cameras start rolling. Well, you can fire off a pre-set trigger and instantly get into the zone. This is very easy to do and can be taught to anyone. You can anchor any emotion, feeling or skill you want.


3.   Since your imagination becomes supercharged while in hypnosis you can get into the mindset of a character, allow your role to seem natural. In a way hypnosis gives you an advantage, allowing you to become comfortable, relaxed and at ease as if you are the character.


4.   Hypnosis allows you to break limited beliefs, creativity blocks, writer blocks or other things which may be limiting the creativity process which is so important to Actors, Script-Writers, Song-Writers & Directors. Imagine being able to think up a new idea or a new way to come up with a character.


5.   You can use hypnosis to help you lose or gain weight for a role, get rid of being nervous or literally train your mind and body to become the role when needed.


One of the most important Hypnosis Tips for Actors is overcoming the fear and negativity of rejection. The problem is many actors quit or get out of the business right before they get their big break. Rejection can leave many scars on the mind of an actor and can leave many actors doubting themselves. Through Hypnosis you can train yourself to view rejection as success. Eliminate these negative beliefs and continue to push forward even harder.


Think of a Hypnotherapist as a Mental Coach


Hypnosis allows you as an actor to train inside of your own mind. It conditions your conscious mind, subconscious mind and body to all work together for your desired outcome. While Hypnosis is still widely unknown to many, there are a lot of actors who use it to give themselves the advantage. While Hypnosis can benefit an experienced actor imagine what it can do for an actor just getting into the business or just getting started. Imagine the HUGE advantage this could give you.


Actors hire agents to get them roles, hire professional photographers to take head shots, hire acting coaches to help your performances, so why not hire a Hypnotherapist to help you with your mental game. You can use Hypnosis to give you that mental advantage.


As a Hypnotherapist I know that... what the mind does, the body follows.   I consider a Hypnotherapist as a type of mental coach.   Everyone needs a mental coach now and then. 




So if you’re an actor or somebody looking to get into any type of performance profession, I promise you, hypnosis can help you.  It can help you to become more organized, have a better memory, self-confidence, empowerment, and a lot more relaxed and comfortable at auditions. 
And also.... for an overall better life!


To learn more about Hypnotherapy for Actors using Hypnosis, you may email me, if you have a question.  Or you may come in for a Free Consultation.  (Appointment Only)   You may email me at: 


Learn audition relaxation techniques to book that next job and have fun! 

Learn how to get into character.

Learn memorization techniques.

Sessions are prepared for what you want to achieve in your acting career.

You will have more confidence, self-esteem and you will get rid of your limiting beliefs, so you can be successful!

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