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What is 'Creative Career' Life Coaching' ?


 'Creative Career' Life Coaching is for anyone that is wanting to change or enhance their career and needs the following: 


Career Enhancement

Getting to the Next Level

Stop Sabotaging (Self-Sabotage)

Conquering Stage Fright or Public Speaking

Getting rid of Audition or Interview Fears

Learning to Quiet your NegativeThoughts

Enhance Self-Confidence

Enchance Self-Esteem

Improving Health and Personal Body Image

Supporting your Vision of what You want to Accomplish

Breaking down your Goals into doable steps 

Holding you Accountable to your Goals

Creating a Plan

Keeping your Focus and Concentration


Learn New Habits and Change Old Habits

Create Balance in your Life

Learning to Market yourself

Reaching Financial Goals

Communication Skills

Relationships (Balancing a Relationship and a Career)


Do you fit any of those needs?  If so, you need a Career Life Coach.  Just like an athletic coach would encourage his/her players, we can coach you to a new level to reach your goals, organize your mind and your life. 


As a Professional Creative Career Life Coach, we will support your vision and get rid of any negativity that is holding you back from your accomplishments and goals. 

As your coach, we will stay with you as you strive toward a flourishing career and life.  We will guide you through any or all aspects that are holding you back from achieving a very prosperous and fulfilling life and career.


We will teach you skills, with tools to simplify and manage your life and combined with thought exercises to make your thoughts WORK FOR YOU, not against you.

We use a Powerful Mapping Plan.  We take massive action to move toward your goal and away from self-doubt, procrastination, self-sabotage or anything that is holding you back from moving towards your goal. 


We  would love to discuss what Creative Career Life Coaching is about and see if we have the connection to work together as a team.  You may click on Book-Online to set up a consultation day and time. 

All consultations and sessions are kept highly confidential.



'Creative Career' Life Coaching

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