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       Neuro Linguistic Programming


                      What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?



As a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, I teach my clients methods of modeling human excellence and communication skills to create a foundation for success on both a personal and a professional level. 

NOTE:  It is my preference to use NLP techniques in conjunction with hypnotherapy.  This is a much "quicker" method of obtaining the personal results that you desire.



Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is "how" to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes


I use NLP as part of my Hypnotherapy/Life Coaching practice.  I use the 3 elements of NLP:

1. Belief and Value Systems

2. Physiology

3. Strategies


With this process, my clients learn to be successful and in control of their "state of mind", no matter what the external circumstances are, and they develop the most excellent way of "staying" in this positive state of mind. 


We take in millions of pieces of information per second.   We only process 7 (plus or minus) 2 pieces of information at a time. 


NLP is 'how' we communicate.  "The Map is not the Territory".  This means that the internal representations we make about an event are not necessarily the event itself.  

Our perception of the event is what we project.


We run all of our 'external events' through our internal processing.  We then make an 'internal representation' of each event, which combines with our physiology to create a "state".   "State" refers to the emotional state of an individual, such as a happy state, a sad state, anxious state or a motivated state.  


As an NLP Practitioner, I can help you learn how to direct your state of mind.  

You have all the resources you need to succeed and achieve desired outcomes. 

*There are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states. 


      NLP is about *Creating Choices   *Creating Options


Feel free to book a free online consultation to learn more about NLP and learn how to put your goals into the future by breaking through negative, emotional states to remove procrastination, resistance and fears. 

Learn to use rapid formulas to shift limiting beliefs and limiting decisions in your behavior.

Learn to use sales and negotiation strategies to mediate conflict using win-win methods. 

Learn to change your personal history techniques and use a powerful method to overcome subconscious resistance and self-sabotage.


I would love to talk with you about how you can utilize NLP in your life, to get what you want in life.  

Change the way you think.   Thoughts create your reality.

                             What is holding you back from being successful?  




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