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Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching                       eGift Card

Give someone you care about, a very powerful gift of love, by giving them one of the choices below, for a very relaxing hypnotherapy session for renewing and building self-confidence/self-esteem/inner strength, or maybe a specific concern they may have, or Smoking Cessation.  


You may purchase eGift cards for each recipient that you would like to send this wonderful gift to.   

$75.00   1 Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy Session.  

This session will give them a renewed self-confidence,  a boost of self-esteem and a very powerful inner strength.  

$85.00    1 Consultation and 1 Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching session for any specific concern they may have. 

$155.00   1 Consultation and 2  Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching sessions for any specific concern they may have.

$265.00  Smoking Cessation * 4 Hypnotherapy sessions to Stop Smoking to become a permanent Non-Smoker.   



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