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Self-Hypnosis  with Darlene McDowell Certified Hypnotherapist    






All you have to do is "know what you want to change" and download the appropriate mp3 hypnosis session and relax and start reaping the rewards!

Everyone needs a helping hand, at some point in their life.  And if you cannot come into my office for a personal Hypnotherapy session, this is a very effective way to get that helping hand quickly and in the comfort of your own home.   And you can use it anytime, when needed.  

Just imagine sitting back, relaxing and listening to my guided, relaxing session and letting the hypnosis do the work.   

This mp3 download for Creating Wealth will improve your outlook on wealth accumulation. How to get there.  The steps to get to the wealth that you deserve.  

Many people just want more money.   Very little comes with no effort. You need to do the work in order to achieve the goal. This hypnosis recording is an excellent way to start the process and gives you the motivation,  determination and keeps you dedicated with perseverance, to make it happen.  Use it daily. Build yourself to wealth!

Prosperity begins in your mind, and this hypnosis recording gives you an opportunity to use your inner mind creatively to produce abundance. People may say, "My financial situation is not good and I need a miracle." Yet, you are entitled to a miracle. Positive programming is how to begin to make your dream of wealth happen and you learn to recognize what you need to do to allow those ideas to form and take shape.             27:44 Minutes


The Relax Under Pressure Mp3 Download would be My #1 recommendation for anyone to add to their collection of downloads or start with this download as your first Hypnosis Download. 

You will learn to relax under pressure with this guided relaxation that will help you to remain calm and focused in any pressured situation, such as a job interview, an audition, a presentation, exams, etc.   

The more you use this relaxation exercise the more effective it becomes when you are faced with any task.  You will learn how to keep yourself focused, and calm with 3 simple techniques.      17:13 Minutes


Boost your self-esteem, your self-image and gain a new leash of self-confidence with the proven effects of hypnotherapy with this Mp3 Download.
Self esteem is the opinion you have of yourself. It is based on your attitude and how you value yourself as a person. It is the perception that you have of how others see you and how you relate to them.     30:17 Minutes


The Fear of Flying Relaxation Mp3 Download is for people that have panic attacks or anxiety attacks when flying.

 This relaxation download will help decrease the stress associated with flying and will stop the anxiety.   You can listen to it at the airport, when flying or in preparation for your flight.   Listening to this download daily, will help you to get rid of panic attacks when flying.

You can listen to this download throughout the flight and you will feel very relaxed and focused. It is a guided learning mp3 download that will teach you how to Relax and Stay Calm when you need it the most.     42:07 Minutes

This mp3 Hypnosis Download Gay Relationship Confidence is a very powerful confidence booster for a gay or lesbian relationship and extends in many other areas of your life.  Some people have doubts expressing themselves and/or expressing what is in their heart and being true to themself.  You will feel a burst of confidence, self-esteem and optimism, the first time you listen to this download.    24:54 Minutes

This powerful hypnotic recorded session (Mp3 Download) will prepare your subconscious mind to Accept and Enjoy the Loving and Lasting Relationship that is going to come into your life. 

By opening your mind to infinite opportunities and by being in the ‘right frame of mind’ to allow yourself to welcome those opportunities into your life.   You will find that love can come easily and effortlessly to you.    23:56 Minutes

.The Easy Weight Loss Mp3 Download will help you to lose the weight and get to the size you want without feeling that you are being deprived.   It's an Easy, Comfortable way of reprogramming your mind to eat as little or as much as necessary for you to attain your goal.    You will not only reach your goal of losing weight, but you will enjoy the process!      25:37 Minutes

Everyone experiences obsessive thoughts sometimes, but occasionally these thoughts can increase to the point where they can start to interfere with your daily life.

This Mp3 Download for Overcoming OCD (Obsessive / Compulsive Disorder) will talk you through the process of dealing with these anxious thoughts and becoming more calm. This download can help with obsessive compulsive disorder and other anxiety disorders that involve worrying, obsessions, compulsions or any recurrent disturbing thoughts.    31:39 Minutes

The Eating Habits & No Dieting Mp3 Download will help you to change your eating habits without dieting.   Hypnosis works!  Diets fail! Dieting may make your body feel deprivation or your body may feel a need for self-preservation. And this instinct is responsible for maintaining excess weight.   You will quickly and safely retrain your mind to new eating patterns and start building self-control, self-confidence, motivation and a determination to achieve your goal.   27:29 Minutes

The Healthy Living Mp3 Download is a reinforcement for anyone that has had an addiction (cigarette, alcohol or excessive eating)  or a bad habit in the past and needs reinforcement to get back in control of their life.  Get rid of the urges.  And Stay in Control of your life.     23:11 Minutes  

Prevent panic attacks and keep calm during stressful situations with the help of hypnosis.    Panic attacks are a common condition affecting one in every 75 people at some point in their lives.    Panic disorders happen when a person has episodes of overwhelming fear or anxiety that occurs suddenly, often without warning and without any obvious reason.    It is far more intense than having an anxiety feeling or being stressed out.

These panic episodes... called panic attacks....  can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours and may occur only occasionally or more frequently.   Although panic attacks are not dangerous, they can be terrifying.

Whatever extent of panic attacks you suffer from, can be treated with hypnosis.  Hypnosis is extremely effective and should start improving your panic attacks immediately, and can get rid of them for good!

You can stop anxiety and panic attacks before they start with this hypnosis recorded session.   In this session you learn how to teach your subconscious mind to think in a different way.     31:23 Minutes

This is a Guided Sleep Relaxation Mp3 Download, a Natural Sleep Aid that will help you to unwind and relax into a peaceful sleep.

Do you find that your mind is busy, and full of thoughts that keep you from going to sleep?   This sleep relaxation download will allow you to put a time limit on the thinking you do before going to sleep.  It will teach you how to quiet your mind and fall asleep.   17:48 Minutes

The Weight Loss Affirmations Mp3 Download is a great self-hypnosis tool to use in addition to Weight Loss sessions (such as Easy Weight Loss and Eating Habits & No Dieting)      16:06 Minutes

Start a new beginning for yourself today with the Self Hypnosis for Success Mp3 download.  Hypnosis can help create success.    Hypnosis is about creating expectations.    These expectations are not just "hoping for the best", they are part of you.  They become your new instincts and will work for you automatically.  You don't have to keep "trying to be positive", you WILL be positive. You WILL be successful.  It will become a part of who you are.

With Hypnosis you can change patterns so your expectations and instincts start to work productively for you.  And the more you listen to the hypnosis download, the more effective it becomes.   And you can use this in the comfort of your own home, anytime.     26:06 Minutes

The Runner's Endurance Mp3 Download is about Human Potential.  As runners, you may reach a point of fatigue or discomfort, the first sign that you are  approaching maximum performance.   This download will help your mind and body work together to use this as a stimulus, to keep going without getting tired or distressed.       22:51 Minutes

This Mp3 download 'Overcome Fear of Public Speaking' Hypnosis session will boost your confidence so you can deliver speeches with style and charisma.  It will teach you a breathing technique so you are not feeling nervous or anxious. 

If you are feeling nervous and self conscious when you have to stand up and speak in front of a large group of people or even a small meeting of people..... you are not alone, millions of people suffer from public speaking nervousness.  This can be a thing of the past with this hypnosis recording and using the techniques.     29:01 Minutes


This Mp3 download is for Dealing with Rejection and Building Confidence.

Rejection is a major topic for actors. Actors may feel as though they are being rejected from casting directors when… over and over again they are not booking.  Actors at times, get discouraged and depressed and feel like giving up, when all that is needed is a building of confidence.

This self-help hypnosis mp3 will help the actor to deal with rejection and build confidence.. which in return helps to be more relaxed at the auditions.  When you are relaxed, you can concentrate and focus more.  And you will get more auditions which leads to bookings.

Our own self-talk can contribute to the pain and low self-esteem that is sometimes associated with rejection.

This Mp3 Download will help you to identify the feelings and thoughts related to rejection and mistakes and to change this negative thinking…. and build confidence and self-esteem.   26:58 Minutes 


This mp3 download is VERY Effective to help you become  a Non-Smoker.   Become Healthy. Take your life back. 

For more information about smoking and Hypnotherapy, Click here >  Smoking Cessation

20:42 minutes

Guide to Self Hypnosis

Guide and Workbook to learn Self Hypnosis


The Guide to Self Hypnosis e-book is a Self-Class Workbook that has tons of VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION for you to learn self-hypnosis.  

This Guide/Workbook includes:
The History of Hypnotism
The Language of the Brain and Subconscious    (Plus exercises)
Communicating with the Subconscious   (Plus exercises)
Methods of Self Hypnosis    (Plus exercises)
How to give yourself suggestions  (Plus exercises)
How to do Visualizations   (Plus exercises)

How to record your own hypnosis suggestions for:
Increase Self Confidence
Affirmations for:
Sense of Humor
Memory Retention
Public Speaking
Stop Smoking
Weight Control

How to write your own affirmations to change your personal history

Dream Symbolism, understanding symbols in your dreams and how to use symbols to what you want to achieve in hypnosis.  (Plus exercises and using symbol focus cards) 

And much more!

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